Deworming Campaign


In the world over 2 billion people are infected by geohelminths (soil-transmitted intestinal parasites). It’s estimated that 300 million people are permanently disabled because of this plague, and the majority of the disease burden is shouldered by children and pregnant women. However, treatment is highly effective and shockingly cheap (0.02 – 0.05USD per dos

A person’s intestinal tract is like the worm’s promised land. It’s where they can leisurely suck blood, or consume someone’s food. Worms are humanity’s enemies.

Worms can:

  • – impair a child’s cognitive and physical development
  • – cause anemia
  • – cause vitamin deficiencies
  • – physically harm a person’s internal organs
  • – limit a person’s productive ability

Our plans:

To kill as many worms as possible. We seek to expand deworming throughout Honduras and beyond. The strategies employed are to get medicine to health care professionals, to help set up programs at schools, and to incorporate deworming into Biosand Filter Projects.

Until no child has their future consumed by worms there is no wavering in the fight against the parasites.