2006 Saw the first trips Central America and to Honduras. At the time there was a proto-organization called ‘Project Arjuna’ whose mission was to carry out the Fight Against Parasitic Worms. The year also saw the identification of Macuelizo, Santa Barbara, Honduras as the starting focal point for our efforts, and that our contribution would be the development of sustainable access to safe drinking water.

2007 The first installations of BioSand Filters took place. A fundraising base began to take shape. BioSand Filter installation accelerated. We incorporated a student organization at Boise State University named Clean Water Club. 1st Annual Honduran Dinner took place at Sacred Heart Church in Boise

2008 Began distributing deworming medicine on a larger scale throughout Honduras. Implementation of BioSand Filtration met its apex. Large-scale distribution of basic medicines and medical supplies throughout Honduras took place. We outgrew Clean Water Club as student organization bylaws could no longer allow us to carry through our mission. The Dominican Overseas Education and Relief Society was incorporated.  The first board meeting was held, and the 2nd Annual Honduran Dinner took place.

2009 Deliveries of prenatal multivitamins across Honduras began. Assistance to Casa Aurora, a HIV/AIDS outreach program in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. started. World Water Day celebrations were held in Boise, ID. Prenatal vitamin regimens to coincide with deworming and safe drinking water as a strategy took shape. Political problems in Honduras impeded progress. DOERS helped spread vitamin and deworming programs to new parts of Honduras. 3rd Annual Honduran Dinner took place.

2010 Kinder Feeding Program was established.Getting enough prenatals was a huge struggle until Vitamin Angels came to the rescue and our prayers were answered.

2011 We reached 1,000 pregnancies helped and 10 months later topped 10,000 pregnancies helped.

2012 We started working with Kingsway Charities and Heart to Heart International to obtain supplies and the value of what we were doing increased exponentially.

2013 We helped 14,000 pregnancies with prenatal vitamins, distributed 440,000 doses albendazole, distributed $1.6 million of essential medicines, and helped build a clinic.

2014 We helped 14,000 pregnancies, distributed 180,000 doses albendazole and mebendazole, distributed $1.2 million of essential medicines, and invented the women’s health kit and opened a women’s clinic.