Kinder Feeding Program

The leading cause of death in children from developing countries is protein-energy malnutrition.  Protein-energy malnutrition occurs when children are unable to receive the proper amount of protein and calories that are needed daily.  When a child is severely undernourished their body can not properly deal with growth, disease and/or infection.

Kinder Feeding Program is designed to help provide high protein drinks with school lunches, coinciding with clean, drinkable water, children’s multivitamins and deworming medication.  With goals of promoting healthy,confident children that can better learn,grow and thrive daily.

Our First Feeding Progam

With the help of DOERS and Ellen Finn (project school supplies) five kinders located in small, poor communities through out the mountains of Copan  will now receive dry milk mixed with a high protein powder daily.  Our hope is with  adding  extra calories and protein to the 20-50 small children that attend the kinders we will be able to see a difference in weight and productivity.  The protein drinks will be made with clean water  during lunch every day.  We hope to see this project continue sustainably and productively so we can later expand to other schools.