End of the year 2014 update

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We are having our annual Honduran Dinner soon (Nov. 29) and would LOVE if you could make it. We really need help to cover the cost of shipping the vitamins for 2015 among other things. I’ve attached fliers for the dinner, some photos and below is an update of where the charity is at. 
DOERS is special because of how many people it helps with a tiny budget. The charity might in fact help more people than any other non-profit in Idaho, and is one of the largest non-governmental distributors of prenatal vitamins on Earth despite being very under-manned and constantly in a state of beleaguered struggle built from a foundation of heartbreak. DOERS is also special because we’re a collaborative organization so although sometimes non-profits can be territorial and competitive we strive to be ever cooperative and always strengthen our partners. Collaboration has to be a two-way street and we don’t want to be taken advantage of but when it works it multiplies resources and we’re definitely stronger together! 
In that spirit, wishing you joy and peace! If you can come to the dinner it would be a huge blessing for us and the vitamins in turn will make an enormous difference for a lot of people!
Thank you!
Rob Turner
2014 UPDATE:

DOERS is a little, all-volunteer charity based in Sacred Heart Church, Boise, ID whose mission is so that children may grow up healthy and strong beginning with the health of mothers in a spirit of collaboration. We try to follow in the charitable spirit of the great St. Dominic.

2014 has been a good and a challenging year. During a short trip to Honduras in January we distributed  over 5 million prenatals to help 13,000 women for the year, and in February we helped Idaho State University set up a rotation site in the Dominican Republic. However, storm clouds appeared as dynamics changed with our sister organization throwing into doubt several grants, shipping and warehousing. We’re still working to figure out some of these details.
A new invention has been a women’s health kit that we’re developing. It is meant to be a product offering to the medical missions industry, and we piloted it in Honduras in July. The pilot went so well that by the second day the community had identified a house that they wanted to convert into a permanent women’s clinic. We weren’t ready for that but a few months later it opened, hooray and thank God!
Ultimately in 2014 we have distributed about $1.2 million worth of medical supplies and help to 9 countries reaching approximately 150,000 people thanks to God, our friends, partners and donors. In a proud milestone Kinderfeeding Program grew to reach 1,000 kids every school day, and all of this for a cost to the donors of less than $14,000. Locally in the Treasure Valley we’ve focused on supporting community health screenings, to support mental health, and by providing basic medicines, first-aid supplies, and hygiene supplies to our sisters and brothers struggling through homelessness.
Moving forward we’d like to start helping millions of people all over the world through community-based deworming models. A friend is displaced from his home country in Congo plans to build a maternal hospital there and given the chance we would love to help. First, though, we have to ensure continuity in our core region in C. America to maintain the network of partners, and in the immediate future to fund and distribute the next shipment of prenatal multivitamins. It seems like babies are a good place to start. We’ve been seeing mortality plummeting, birth weights up dramatically and believe women’s vitamins might be the next big public health breakthrough.
Although volunteers are desperately needed and finances are perpetually precarious we’re harboring deep optimism for the future humanity and of global health!
March 26th, 2015
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