Spring 2013 update

Global health, disease control, Ascariasis & HEALTHY BABIES!

So far this year we’ve helped distribute approximately $550,000 worth of medical supplies (US wholesale value) mostly in Honduras but also in Guatemala, Haiti, Uganda, Mexico and America! Some highlights are that we helped reach almost 9,000 pregnant and lactating women with prenatal multivitamins, 400,000 children with antihelminthic medicine (albendazole, take that worms!), and helping to build a clinic to defeat the tuberculosis. This year we are reaching about half a million people, crazy huh?!

It is only thanks to amazing partners, teachers and YOU!  DOERS works with other NGO’s and the public sector to improve efficiency and access to healthcare around the world. Lately we’ve been trying to learn how to help locally so there are nascent domestic projects which are kind of exciting.

Would you like to help? Here are three easy ways:

“Like” our friends on facebook, or follow them on twitter…

Cristo Salva

Vitamin Angels

Direct Relief Int’l

Heart to Heart International

Kingsway Charities

MAMA Project

Volunteer! Lots of opportunities! Want to help make an alien musical? Prepare dinner at a soup kitchen? Go to Honduras in July? Learn how to order supplies? Go mountain climbing?  Grow healing plants?     …please contact me and let me know:)

Donate! The San Jose clinic needs a roof, and Kinderfeeding program is more important than ever since school lunches were cancelled this year due to the budget crisis. Click here to donate, and thank you!

Please have a beautiful day!
April 8th, 2013
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