Operation Learn

Dear friends, how are you?

So we went to Honduras and it was pretty great; here are some pictures. It was the first time that volunteers had come with us since March 2008 thus fulfilling a strategic imperative to replicate knowlege of the DOERS operations (working with agencies, customs, knowing partners, roads, addresses, espanol…) We called the Spring 2012 expedition “Operation Learn,” and the volunteers were really great and amazing and beautiful. The group dynamic was very supportive and happy so I’m very appreciative of the time. The next generation of charity ninjas will no doubt do lots of heroic work.

In terms of helping people we distributed about $250,000 worth of medicine and supplies which will help about 60,000 people. We distributed enough prenatals for almost 6,000 women for a year which means that in the last six months we have helped at a minimum 15,000 pregnancies. We distributed 40,000 doses of antiparasitic medicine. The partner relationships, and the partners are doing really (I’ll have to detail that in a seperate report). We tried to incorporate homeopathic and herbal remedies clinically. The first Honduran moringas have sprouted. Many thanks to Dr. Roger!

Personally this was the first trip to Honduras from which I came back without being wiped out financially which is super, but practically it’s good because when working with partners we could say that we look forward to many more years of cooperation without having a sense of underlying doom and immenint peril.

The next mission will be Patty going to Africa so that’s something exciting to look forward to. Also onMay 14 we are having the Spring benefit fundraiser at the Red Lion Downtown in Boise and we really want that to be a success and help us help lots of people in the second half of the year. Please help to make our event succeed (please contact hero sister @ lindsey.halverson@gmail.com for more details.)

Hopefully we’ll be able to send more supplies and help to Myanmar soon; our partner Fr. Robert just got a promotion to Superior (please contact my Dad for more information.)

I hope this finds everyone well, and thank you all so much for everything. I think we’re doing really well, and I’m very happy to work together to help more people more in the future. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do or be aware of… Thank you!
God bless,

March 6th, 2012
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